Casey Cook

Last summer Jessica was interested in taking art classes.  She has always been interested in art and her drawings are pretty good.  I contacted Joshua Abelow.  I had been to his studio and he is young, fun, smart and he paints but I thought his drawings were incredible.  Josh told me to contact his friend, Casey Cook, because he would love to teach Jessica but he was in the process of moving.  I was familiar with Casey’s work because I had seen her show at Lehmann Maupin.  I was thrilled when she said she would love to teach Jessica.

So, for the past year Jessica has worked with Casey learning how to stretch a canvas, conceptualize, mix paints, draw, paint etc.  It has been a fantastic experience.  Jessica also has gotten to know Casey’s right hand man, Louis who is a very cool and talented musician.  Not a bad experience for a 14 year old kid.  Casey plays drums in Louis’ band and has been projecting her art on the stage during the performances.  Two very artistic people checking out different mediums.  Love it!

Igoldie_1 We purchased this painting from Casey this past week.  We are thrilled to add this piece to our collection for a variety of reasons.  1 – we really like it, 2- we know both Casey and Louis and look forward to watching them grow in their work, 3 – it is special for Jessica because of the impact they have both made in her life.