Changing to a MAC

I am making the change and it couldn’t be quick enough. I am sick of the PC, the crappy Microsoft solutions, the whole thing. I am making the change. I am getting a MAC. I like the Entourage interface that substitutes for Outlook. It is user friendly. My computer had died a very slow death so now seemed like the time. I still have folders and stuff that need to get off my PC but hopefully sooner than later. The one thing that I have found is that Typepad doesn’t work as easily on MAC. Am I missing something here?

Otherwise, I am THRILLED!!!

Comments (Archived):

  1. Andria Anderson

    Try using safari instead of explorer and welcome to the wonderful world of Mac you future is brighter already

  2. jules

    Also check out the browser Firefox for use on the Mac. You can customize it for your needs. Good luck & enjoy!

  3. Carol Gellos

    I’ve been working on this for years with no success. Phil claims it doesn’t interface with all that I do. How does it work with your treo….? E-mail me….xo

  4. Ted Walters

    Just use ecto for mac, it interfaces well with typepad! Welcome to the Mac world! I unfortunately am stuck with a PC at work, but look forward to my powerbook!

  5. steve

    Before you settle in to entourage, i JUST moved all my macs to Apple Mail. The brand new Smart Folders tool is amazing. Now i have my in box (which full off all kinds of crap) and i have a Smart Folder for each project i’m working on. The folder looks at each email (not just the subject line, but the contents) and then makes a copy – alias actually – in the Smart Folder. So Project “X” has all correspondence in the same place… and updates automatically. It’s very cool – and the closest thing that Entourage has is their project management thingy that i could never make to work.

  6. michael

    just bought a powerbook g4 to replace a vaio laptop and am now multi-platform and loving it. love the tips here too, thanks. i am using safari currently. can’t figure out how to change default plug-in settings. anyone have any idea? and all you mac-heads: is safari the best browser? what say you???