I see a lot of movies but not nearly as many that I’d like.  I also find that there is plenty out there but you rarely get a great film. 

We went to see Crash this past weekend.  I would not say that Crash was a great film but I will say that it stuck with me.  Maybe that is what makes a great film.  I haven’t felt so uncomfortable while seeing a film in a long time.  After the first 30 minutes, I wanted to leave.  I felt antsy. 

The movie has quite a cast of fine performances.  The movie deals with prejudices that we see and are part of every day of our normal lives.  Also how our lives integrate like one degree of separation.  The movie was connected yet unconnected.  Each scene was a small movie within the movie.  There are a few scenes that I keep coming back to.  One particular scene was so gut wrenching that I literally curled up and put my hands over my eyes. 

I am really glad that I saw this film.  It got right in your face about the realities of the world we live in.  Disturbing yes but worth watching and thinking about.  Maybe that is the point.