Everyone has their own New York

Everyone has their own version of what New York City is to them.  Some people never leave their neighborhood, others are all over town, others just stay in the boroughs, others only frequent top end restaurants and others only frequent the local dives. 

Emily, our middle daughter is getting bat mitzvah’d next year, so I was out and about looking for spaces yesterday.  Cory Crayn, who is an event planner and a good friend, spent the day with me schlepping around.  We bounced around in areas that we literally never go but it was obvious to us that plenty of people do. 

We went to South Street Seaport to check out Bridgewaters on Fulton Street.  We were early so we went over to the food court.  I don’t think I have been there since it opened and neither had Cory.  To us, this was not our New York City.  We felt like we were in a different city but to plenty of people this is their hood.  The place was definitely hopping with people. 

Then we hopped in a cab and went up to see space at The Intrepid.  I have never been there.  Of course I have seen it a million times driving up or down the Westside Highway but I have never been to the museum.  The place was packed.  We felt like we were tourists in another town. 

We got to see a variety of spaces which is always interesting.  But, the best part was really going into neighborhoods that I never ever experience.  At the end of the day, I have my New York City.  The museums that I like, the galleries that I like, the type of restaurants I enjoy, the shops that I frequent, the neighborhood I live in, the movie theaters I generally go to, the places in the theater district I grab a bite or a drink.  That is my NYC on a daily basis but I always love exploring new places, new neighborhoods because you never know, that could be my next hang out. 

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  1. Mike

    I love this post…

  2. paul

    Not your NYC?
    Why, cause the food court concept is too suburban? too ordinary everyday people eating affordable food?