The Tribeca Film Festival has taken over downtown NY.  My friend and I went to see Hooligans last Thursday.  The timing of the film sort of worked with our schedule.  The place was packed, so she obviously picked a winner. 

The director, Lexi Alexander tells the story of a recently dropped out Harvard grad, who comes to London to see his sister and ends up hanging out with soccer gangs.  Their passion for the game becomes their life and the turf that they represent.  It was an interesting perspective of life in London.  From people that lived there, I know that this is more a part of English life than people realize.  The education of life there is a real wake up called for the recently dropped out Harvard grad and his sister. Frightening yet exhilarating at the same time. 

The cinema photography is quite good.  There is good character development.  The Harvard guy is played by Elijah Woods and his new side kick played by Charlie Hunnam who is fantastic.  I am going to watch this guys career.  He was the character.  Smart, witty, intense, a really good actor. 

The movie is incredibly violent.  Interesting subject matter for a woman director.  The film was crystal clear as if you were watching this unfold down the street. 

The movie was long but it drew you in and stayed with me over the past few days.  I’d recommend this film when it makes its way around the indie film theaters next years.  My guess is, it will play really well overseas.