Outdoor Furniture

I have been in the market for outdoor furniture.  This is not the easiest thing to find in NYC.  Most of the stuff I found was not that interesting, more traditional than modern and cheesy looking. 

I found a company,  pouring through Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home, named DelGreco and Company.  I wasn’t sure you could just walk in and buy without being part of the trade (interior designer, architect, etc.) so I called Kevin Isbell who was the assistant on my last project to take me in.  He is wonderful and I highly recommend him.  He is just starting out in the business.  He has a great eye, and he listens to you and is incredibly organized.  All assets. 

Dsc00403 DelGreco has a wonderful showroom on East 59th street between 2/3rd avenue.  Loads of outdoor furniture.  I immediately zeroed on in an incredible line.  Of course, as my husband would say,  "let me guess, it was the most expensive line in the place".  Yes, it was. Regardless of expensive, these chairs were beyond comfortable and they are beautifully made. They also come with out the side arms.  Truly pieces of art.  They will look as modern today as they will in 30 years.  The chairs are made in Cyprus and the wood is cured in the Mediterranean for 6 months.  Check out the metal framing.  Unfortunately, the cost was way too high for what I wanted to spend.  Although I am still dreaming about these chairs. 

I did end up with chairs though.  I already had a table, similar to the one in the picture.  My chairs of course I wanted yesterday but have to wait 12 weeks.  Oh well.  That’s one of the downfalls of furniture.  I am looking forward to lounging in these chairs and having people over for another outdoor barbecue.  Chairs

Looks good right?