Snow Patrol

Snow_patrolWent to see Snow Patrol at Roseland Ballroom on Friday night.  We had four tickets, thanks to our friend, and the big decision was…who gets to go?  After all, there are 5 of us.  After much discussion, it was decided that I would go with the girls and see if my sister wanted to join us. 

First we had dinner at Milos.  Great greek salad, grilled octopus, grilled shrimp, calamari.  The prices are astronomical but the food is top.  After dins, we walked over to Roseland. 

We got to the Ballroom around 9:15.  The place was packed.  Snow Patrol had already played about 3 songs.  The only way we were going to see anything was to make our way up to the front.  I looked at the girls and said, "follow me".  We weaved and bobbed through the crowd and basically got up to the front on the left side of the stage.  We could at least breath over there and see the band. 

I really love their one and only album.  The songs are short.  They aren’t great live because they really have yet to grasp performing live.  At least that is what it looked like to me.  The best part of going to a concert of a group that has only put out one album is that the audience are generally the die-hards fans.  They basically know every song. 

When Snow Patrol played Run, the audience knew every word.  The lead singer loved it.  At one point, he just stopped singing.  The audience just kept going.  That was very cool.   

The best part is really taking our kids to see live concerts.  Great venue, although the sound system is fair but seeing them live is a great thing.  I will honestly say that this time, I was the oldest person in the crowd.  Hey, what can I say??

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  1. Anna


    Snow Patrol have actually been around for quite a few years, Final Straw is their 3rd Album!

    Just thought I’d let you know so you can check out the other albums because they’re also very good!