The Democrats

It has been so frustrating these days to be a Democrat. Actually, it has been frustrating for the last couple of years. All my candidates have lost. Makes me realize that I am obviously the minority in my political views.

Chuck Schumer, who is now the new head of the DSCC, asked us to give money to the DSCC this year and help take back the house. Hmmm? I happen to love Chuck and his wife Iris. True NYer’s. So, since Chuck has been the only candidate that continues to win, we figured that we should support his efforts.

The bonus of that is going to a small dinner with around 60 people (57 men, 3 women and I was one of them) at the St. Regis the other night. There was a panel of Senators. Dodd of Connecticut, Schumer of NY, Rockefeller of West Virginia, Biden of Delaware and Stabenow of Michigan being moderated by Robert Rubin.

This audience and the above group of politicos were incredibly honest about the realities that face our country and the Democract party. As a group, they are strategizing and “working hard”. I have to quote working hard since it is such a Bushism. They really are coming together as a group and not as separate policy wonks. Biden was the most impressive. He was honest and forthcoming and it was refreshing.

It was the first time, in a long time, that I was feeling more optimistic on the Democratic front.

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  1. Ted Walters

    Stabenow is my Senator and is one of the few times in my life that I actually did not vote for the Democrat. I am concerned that she has sold her political soul to organized labor. While I am a champion of the working man (and woman), I don’t think that modern organized labor meets their needs. They sold out years ago. Additionally, Stabenow is adopting a fairly staunch anti-immigrant platform which would be more akin to the minuteman project in Arizona. I think that this is becomming a very huge issue that the Democrats need to get their hands on.

    Also, I want to say that I absolute love your blogs as well as your husbands. I get more of my new music from your blogs than any other source.