CampThe kids took off for camp this past Saturday.  It is big.  They go for 8 weeks to a co-ed camp up in the Catskills.  It is nice because they are all together so they have each other.  They seem to come back older every year.  More mature. There is something about taking off for camp, by yourself, with no parents for 8 weeks.  You are with completely different kids than during the school year.  You are responsible for yourself in some ways.  Make your bed, take care of laundry ( at least getting it to the laundry), writing letters, making friends, resolving problems, etc.  The camaraderie part is fantastic.  The sports are awesome.  I loved camp and our kids do too. 

The strangest part is the eerie silence in the house.  Yet, being married without kids for 8 weeks does have its benefits.