Restreview041206_400Of course I have a list of restaurants that I really want to check out this summer.  Devi has been on the list for quite a while.  I finally got there last night. 

Indian food is something that I definitely get a hankering for once in awhile.  I have consistently gone back to Tamarind which has quite an extensive menu.  The food is really good too.  As of last night, I have found another place to get really good Indian food.

Devi has a very warm vibe.  The decor has Indian influences.  The groupings of colored glass balls, the colors on the wall, the soft translucent fabrics over the walls and curtains.  There are seats downstairs and upstairs.  The metal circular staircase going upstairs fits right in. 

The service is attentive and very quick.  The food is spicy!  I’m glad they kept coming back and refilling the water glass.  It was essential.  Spicy is probably like drinking scotch.  It is an acquired taste.  I don’t eat spicy food often enough to go past the low heat level.  Alas.

We split everything.  I really like that their menu is small.  Also, the portions are the perfect amount. You leave feeling satisfied not stuffed.  We have become accustom to getting huge portions and I’d rather have portions that is more in line with what is appropriate at one meal. 

The first appetizer was Mung Bean Chaat.  Bean sprouts that were mixed in with a variety of small crunchy beans and layered in small chips.  It was like a tiny napoleon of beans.  It was spicy and incredibly delicious.  We also split the Stuffed Chicken.  We were wondering how they cooked the chicken so perfectly.  The chicken was stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and some delicious spices.  Yum.

For dinner we split two entrees.  I had read that the lamb chops should be tried, so we did.  Tandoori lamb chops with a pear chutney and curry potatoes.  The lamb chops were smothered in spices, cooked perfectly and the chutney and potatoes were the perfect compliments to cooling your palette.  We also had the Tandoori Prawns that were large and served with mint rice and another type of onion chutney.  It was really good.

We passed on dessert but maybe next time, because we will definitely be back.

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  1. Jas

    Sounds good.
    Tamarind, though, is by no means a great indian restaurant. It offers an inviting ambience and with what is considered average+ indian fare.