Global Table

There are few stores that I continue to go back to, Global Table is one of them.  They are located in Soho, on Sullivan between Prince and Spring.  The owner has done an incredible job.  She has put together a broad collection of modern pieces for the table including vases, tea pots, big glass pieces, large trays and bowls, etc.  I have a hard time walking in and not picking up something.  The window is always changing and so are the pieces in the store.  The coup de grace is that the prices are incredibly reasonable. 

Yesterday I was in the area and stopped by.  I picked up large plastic bowls for the summer in bright colors, $24 each.  I also picked up a vase, a pitcher and 2 holders for salt.  I like to keep a bowl of kosher salt right next to the stove for easy access during cooking.  The owner couldn’t be nicer.  She UPS’d everything to the locations that I needed so I didn’t have to schlep the bags around town. 

I am already thinking about what else I could use there.