Graduation Day

GraduationIt is graduation season.  College, high school, moving up from middle school to high school, nursery school graduation, etc.  In a few weeks, the New York Times will have a list of the different speakers at the colleges and universities around the country and quote some of their more poignant comments.  It is always a good read. 

Today I attended the high school graduation of LREI, the school our kids attend where I also happen to be a trustee and sit on the Executive Board.  I really love all this school stands for.  Today was the day to celebrate that.

No famous people giving speeches, just the Chairperson of the Board, the Head of the School, the High School Principal, an elected ( by their peers) teacher to give a speech and 2 students.  As always,  they congratulated the class and gave advice about the future.  What struck me more than anything is the devotion of each student to the mission of progressive education which is the heart and soul of this school. 

This particular class was very devoted to community.  They had all entered 9th grade 4 years ago and on their second day of school the world trade center was attacked.  It was the day we now all refer to as 9/11.  In a school that resides below Houston Street, that act of terrorism made an impact on these young adults in a way that none of us will truly realize until they grow into older adults and we see what type of impact they make in the world.  A very different world upon graduation vs. the day they walked into the school. 

I have high hopes for this class of 2005.  Congratulations.  Enjoy the moment. 

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  1. jackson

    It will certainly be interesting to watch the class of 2005 steer their way into the world at large. It’s telling that of all the 9/11 tribute songs and memorials and such, very little of it comes from us. We see that day differently that the rest of the nation, and certainly these kids see it, and the world, differently as well. Good Luck 2005! Take the world back, it’s your if you want it.