I had read about Hedeh on Great Jones Street.  Figured if I was ever in the neighborhood and needed a place to eat, I’d check it out.  I was there, so I went to Hedeh.  Nice little jewel. 

When I walked in I immediately made a note to remember the bar.  Big long bar with small little tables and windows that open to the street.  Quaint with low ceilings.  Really liked the vibe.  We continued through the bar into the back area where there are tables for dinner.  On the left are the tables, and on the right is a seriously long sushi bar.  You can eat while watching the variety of cooks fix you dins.  The kitchen is minimal.  I could easily hop behind the counter and start cooking.

We had a good bottle of sake and got down to business.  We ordered a variety of appetizers to share.  They are all very nouveau Japanese, such as Nobu does.  Not what you are expecting when it arrives in terms of your typical presentation but once you take a bite, it is consistently delicious.  The portions are small but really good. 

Age Dofu is one of our favs.  Hedeh’s is like custard in a light miso sauce and small pine nuts.  Our other appetizers was white asparagus cut up in small pieces and then served with light and delicate mushrooms.  We scarfed that down pretty quick.  I can’t recall the other 2 but one was with duck and the other was with lamb.  Sounded interesting and not what you’d expect.  They were both really good.

We all had sushi for dinner.  They have entrees there but it was a sushi kind of night.  The sushi was excellent.  Buttery, fresh and delicious.  We actually all went for sashimi that night. 

The service couldn’t have been nicer.  I’ve made the mental note.  I’ll be back.