It is a beautiful day in New York.  I’m sitting in front of my kids school, waiting for school to end.  Da Silvano, the local celebrity restaurant hang out is right next door.  All of a sudden, out of no where, there are paparazzi running up and down the street taking pictures at a young girl and guy.  She looks a bit freaked, and a bit annoyed.  She’s trying to get away.  The paparazzi run up and down, get close, snap pictures.  She hails a cab, and gets in. 

The celebrity was Kate Moss.  I admit, I have never seen the whole paparazzi thing explode so suddenly like that before.  What a horrible existence to not be able to go out and be a normal person.  I know that comes with the territory of success, but why are people so obsessed with the lives of people who have been successful at modeling or acting or sports or music?

I’ve never of the paparazzi hounding Bill Gates or John Irving or Lee Iacocca just to name a few other people who have been or are at the top of their game. 

I can tell you, as appealing as it might be, I wouldn’t want to live under that type of a microscope.  It was truly a scene to behold.