Shake Shack

ShakeshackI read an article yesterday about the Shake Shack.  They get about 600 customers a day.  Woah.  That is a huge number.  The people who work there must be absolutely fried by the end of the day, no pun intended. 

As the temperature hit a sweltering 90 degrees yesterday in NYC, you could feel the heat coming off the pavement.  It was the perfect day to walk through Madison Square Park and hit up the Shake Shack.  Josh was ready for chocolate custard cone.  Our first visit this year. 

This picture shows Josh ready to delve in.  Doesn’t it look soo good?  The custard is hard to beat.  It is soft but thick and rich.  The perfect texture.  Yum!

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  1. Doug

    Next weekend they begin adding “flavors of the week” to their regular menu. Saturday’s is blackberry. Sounds great to me!