Stawberry Jam Season

JamStrawberry jam is an annual undertaking.  We try to make at least 30 jars so we can use it all year.  The strawberries are out in force at the local farm stands, so it was time.  In the past we have gone picking first but this year we just bought the strawberries already picked.  At least they were local. 

The key to making the jam is pectin.  Follow the instructions inside the pectin box.  I have found that really making sure that the jam sets is a rolling boil.  The strawberries first come to a rolling boil solo.  Rolling boil means that you can see the mixture truly boiling even while you are stirring.  The strawberries solo need to do this for a few minutes.  Once you add the sugar and pectin and butter, it takes a few minutes to boil again and must do a rolling boil for a full minute.  That is the key to making sure the jam really gels, otherwise it is soupy.  If that happens, it is always good to use on ice cream, so don’t fret.