Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire is in its final week at the Roundabout Theater.  I had tickets earlier in the season but due to the kids end of year events, I had to reschedule for yesterday.  I just really wanted to see the performances of Natasha Richardson, John Reilly and Amy Ryan (who has got a lot of positive reviews). 

The play lasts almost 3 hours and is being shown at the old Studio 54 space which is pretty cool.  3 hours is a long time.  I admit that before heading up there, I actually knew in my heart I’d walk out at intermission.  I know the play, I have seen the play performed and I much prefer new over old.  The old stuff keeps getting resurrected, yes I know they are classics, but they really have to be stellar for me to want to watch them again and again.  At least from my view.  Although I saw the Constant Wife last night, I had never seen it before so to me, it was new. 

Natasha Richardson is amazing.  Bottom line.  She is a great actress.  She uses every part of her body to perform.  She also has an incredible figure.  She is tall, svelte yet curvy.  She uses this to her advantage playing Blanche DuBois.  John Reilly is good too but I really didn’t think he personally fit the part.  Amy Ryan is going to have a big career ahead of her.  She’s very good. 

The stage setting was really well done.  Very New Orleans.  You could feel the heat.   

The show started at 7:30.  By 8pm, I’d had enough.  Ok, I know shame on me, I should enjoy watching these fine actors act out a classic play by Tennessee Williams but I got what I came for.  To see their performances and I am a quick study.  But, we couldn’t move, so we stayed through the first half which lasted 1 1/2 hours which is plenty of time. 

We came, we saw, we left.  I’m glad we saw.  I’m glad we left.