The best audience is your friends

Dsc_0215We are a family who love to throw a party.  So, at the end of the school year, the kids always throw their own bash.  They invite their pals the day school ends and we have a barbecue in the backyard.  The kids play bball and just hang out.  It is really a great way to say good bye until we say hello again next fall.  This year we had 3 separate events.  Jess had some friends out to the beach for a girls weekend.  Josh and Emily had the same party but separately.  So, Josh’s was from 12:30-2 and Em’s was from 4-6:30.  I just flipped burgers, dogs and kept the food going.  It was great. 

Josh and his band, The Four Fellows, ended off his party with a final performance of the year.  Nothing could be better than having your friends be the audience (parents included).  They had a blast.   (Josh is the drummer)