Hamilton Fish Recreation

Pittstreet_2The coach of  our girls school has decided the best way to get the girls ready for next year is to join the New York Hoops league this spring.  The first game, that wasn’t rained out, was yesterday.  They play  at the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center which is on Pitt and East Houston, basically one block south of Avenue D.   

The pockets of New York City one can find.   You walk down Pitt street and enter a large structure and walk into this beautiful courtyard designated for sports.  There are basketball courts, 2 huge swimming pools, places to play, monkey bars, etc.  An oasis in a relatively undeveloped area. 

Pitstreet2This league is really good.  The players are hard core.  Their abillites were pretty impressive.  You know that these girls have been playing for a long time.  It is a great thing for our girls to play in this league and our school to play with the local kids on the lower east side.