The Market NYC

In the past month I have asked 2 people where they got something and they told me about The Market.  I finally got down there on Saturday.  This is a very cool place.  The Market NYC is held in a church on Mulberry between Prince and Houston.  There are booths in a big room.  Each booth is occupied by young designers.  There is jewelry, handbags, clothes, hats, etc.  Baby stuff to adult wear.  We made a few purchases but this is a place that you have to continue coming back to.  One day could be a big hit, the next could be a big zero. 

It is a great thing that someone aggregated all of these young designers and put them in one place.  Gives them an ability to show their wares to the world.  Most can not afford to have a retail front, and have yet to really start selling their merchandise to retailers so this gives them an opportunity to get their goodies on the streets. 

Also, the neighborhood where this is located is growing in such leaps and bounds that if you haven’t been there in the past 6 months, you have no idea what it looks like. 

The Market NYC is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11 – 7.  If you are in the area, definitely stop by.