Cezanne and Pisarro

This is the second of these series that I have seen where they take 2
major Impressionist artists and show the parallels of their work. Cezanne and Pissaro, now showing at the MOMA through September 12th. 

These artists worked together side by side in France, basically
painting the same thing.  This certainly makes the exhibit
interesting.  Pissaro had such a lighter touch than Cezanne who has
bolder strokes.  The paintings capture the same setting yet how they
each painted the vision is the same, yet different. 

Did they discuss their paintings over wine?  Did they point out to each
other the finer points?  Did working off each other create better
pieces of work?  Neither of them worked out of a box, completely solo, they worked together.
In some regards, it was a joint effort.  I am not sure this is an exact
parallel but it goes back to an earlier post that I did on "who owns
the culture".  Is it not the same?

I liked the exhibit.  It was interesting.  The curator did a great job.  But in some ways, I had the feeling, been there, done that.    FYI – that is Cezanne on the right, Pisarro on the left.