IFC on Waverly

We have been watching with baited breath for the IFC to open on 6th Avenue and Waverly.  It opened a few weeks ago.  That particular part of 6th Avenue is pretty scummy.  I would hope that this theater will transform the neighborhood a bit.  It would be a blessing.  We will wait and see.

Yesterday I was hankering for some popcorn.  I am a huge fan of popcorn and particularly good movie popcorn.  I thought I could ask the people at the IFC if I could just come in and get some popcorn, and then take a peak around.  Low and behold, there was a movie I wanted to see playing in 10 minutes, so I bought a ticket, got my popcorn and went in. 

There are a few different theaters, I believe either 2 or 3.  The seats are quite plush.  The theater is a bit tight.  It will be tough when the movie is crowded.  Narrow stairways and only 2 single bathrooms upstairs.  Bathrooms are downstairs in the basement too.  Great concession stand.  Chocolate bars from the Chocolate Bar, popcorn, healthy type nut snacks too.  They really did a great job.

I saw the movie, ate my popcorn and strolled home.  Welcome to the neighborhood IFC.