Lee Friedlander

FriedlanderThe MOMA has a major retrospective on the photographer Lee Friedlander through August 29th.  I’d highly recommended getting there before it ends.

As photography becomes a universal tool.  Everyone has a digital camera be it in their phone or a small digital one they keep in their pocket, or one of the large digital cameras that photographers use that can now be had for relatively less than before, photography is changing the way we see things.  Pictures are posted on the web daily.  They are pictures of our social landscape.  That is why seeing the Friedlander exhibit today is fascinating. 

Friedlander traveled extensively through out the United States, from New York City to the Midwest to the West and the South, taking pictures of people and landscapes.  He refers to his own work as pictures of an "American social landscape".  The photos are breathtaking.  There is that feeling of being there.  The images that are captured through windows that grab reflections of people are incredible. 

He became enamored with photography as a teen and literally just kept going.   The ability for all teens to take any type of camera, digital or video, creating the next generation of film will be very interesting to watch.  Lee Friedlander made his mark on this past generation, and is still going. 

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