Nan Kempner

Years ago when I was just out of college, I was working for a guy who read the Obituaries everyday.  I commented on how strange that seemed to me.  He told me, it is an age thing.  You’ll read them one day too.  He wasn’t right about a lot of things, but he was right about that.  I definitely flip through the Obituaries as part of my daily paper reading routine. 

The New York Times
highlights some of the more interesting people.  When the guy died who invited the Frisbee, I found it fascinating.  I never knew this guy but he sure made an impact on American culture, fads etc. 

Today I read that Nan Kempner died.  I never knew Nan nor had I ever seen her at an event but she was the ultimate New York socialite.  She was always photographed at the big events such as the Metropolitan Museum’s Annual fundraiser.  She was in Vogue and Elle often.  She was philanthropic to some of the largest cultural institutions in NYC.  She sat on Boards, she also had a career at different times of her life.  Above all, she seemed to live her life to the fullest. 

There were a few quotes from her, that I read in the paper this morning, that I must share. 

"The best part of a party is getting dressed to go."   She was apparently "crazy" about clothes.  This is my favorite quote in regards to shopping for clothes "more than I should and less than I want."  She said "I want to be buried naked, I know there will be a store where I am going."

What a lady!  Nan, I hope you are enjoying your eternal shopping spree.  Your mark on the city, I am sure, will have a lasting effect.