Another show is up.  I am not sure this is one of our best.  Click on Positively 10th Street.

Enjoy…feedback is always welcome!

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  1. Stacy

    btw, you mentioned being uptown and couldn’t find a place to go for a drink – Next time you find yourself in that neighborhood, go a few blocks EAST, away from Madison (all retail), Park (all residential), and get over to Lexington and even east of that. 72nd St on Lex, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and York has TONS of restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, etc!

  2. Peter Nixey

    The post office in the UK ran a really cute advertising campaign a few years back that showed lots of people posting random things to each other all with the line “Saw this and thought of you”.

    Well you may have already seen it but this popped into OSX hints today: Improving iPhoto book resolution

    – Saw it and thought of you guys. Hope it’s of use.

  3. Paul

    Hey Gotham gal!

    Paul, from Mass Hysteria here. My wife also scrapbooks our digital photos into beautiful photo albums. She uses shutterfly, and we’ve found good results. I assume your pictures are at a certain resolution (or megapixel) in general our photos are taken at maximum resolution with a 4 megapixel camera.

    Something else you might want to look into that I use is called memories on tv – http://www.codejam.com/motv.htm
    essentially you can create videos (DVDs or VCDs) you can watch on your tv. Throw some pictures in the application, throw a song in there and you have your own personal slideshow. I don’t think this will EVER replace photo albums. But, it is cool, cause they’re so easy to make, and you can share them with anyone, which you really can’t do with photo albums.

    good luck

    PS – love the show! keep up the good work. :–)