Shakespeare in the Park

24239762_7a971885fd_mShakespeare in the Park is one of those incredible New York experiences.  Joe Papp started this at the Public Theater.  The productions are held at the Delacourt Theater near the Turtle pond in Central Park.  It is a beautiful setting.  When it rains, you are bummed, but last night the sky cleared up just before the performance began. 

I admit, I not a huge Shakespeare connoisseur.  I appreciate it but sometimes the language and the length of the play pushes me over the top.  Alas, I rarely make it to the end but do enjoy the first half very much. 

Personally, we buy a series with the Public Theater every year, because regardless of liking the plays, it is a wonderful institution to support. 

There are 2 plays this year, the first being As You Like It, the second one is Two Gentleman of Verona. 

Some of the performances last night were good, some weren’t but hey, it’s tough, it’s Shakespeare.  It was fun, I loved the fire flies buzzing over my head.  It is just magical being outside and watching theater performed.  If you can get a ticket, go.  It isn’t just the play, it is the whole package.