Summer Movies

Summer afternoon movies are perfect breaks from the heat.  You jump into the theater, relax, eat popcorn and cool off.  I saw 2 movies this week that I am really glad that I saw. 

One_sheet_2The Talent Given Us is an independent movie that was acknowledged at Sundance and CineVegas.  It is a clever film written and directed by Andrew Wagner, who also plays a role in the movie.  The basic story line is that the Wagners who have been married for 46 years hear of an opportunity for their son to come back to NYC.  Judy, the mother who is played by Judy Wagner decides to take her daughters and husband, Alan, on a road trip to Los Angeles to tell her son and reconnect.  It is a reality/documentary on the Wagners.  Judy Wagner is a trip.  She is a combination of Larry David and Woody Allen.  They are dysfunctional, quirky, loveable and neurotic.  Very original movie.

The other film was Mad Hot Ballroom.   Emily, our middle daughter, saw this the day it came out with her school, so I sort of let it fall through the cracks but really wanted to see it.  I am so glad I finally went.  This is a documentary on a 10 week class on ballroom dancing that is taught in the New York City public school system in 5th grade.  Once complete, there is a contest against all the other 5th grade98m_1 classes  in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, etc. to compete for the trophy.  The kids are fantastic.  The program is wonderful.  You get a small glimpse into the diversity from one school to another in NYC.  This program really touched some kids that might not have had the opportunity in their lives to feel so special and good at something.  It probably changed the course of many of their lives.  A great reason why we should never cut the arts from the Education budget.  The film is a gem. 

Other indie films out there to see.  I will keep you posted.