The Surprise We Expected

Fred wrote a really good post on Ian McEwan’s piece in the NYTimes OpEd section on the terrorist bombings in London. 

The bombings in London were disturbing to all of us that want to live in a civilized world but unfortunately some of us don’t.  I too took the subway to a variety of places in NYC the day after the London bombings.  The men in blue were out in force, and so was the army.  My guess is that with in a few weeks, the intense presence will subside.  That pretty much sums up how the current administration has dealt with terrorism. 

I am not a fan of the Bush administration.  I believe that they have created an atmosphere of fear for us to live in.  They have spent trillions of dollars on their so-called war against terrorism which we can never win. They have pissed countless dollars into the wind not even building our own internal securities. It is as simple.  It people want to get their hands on something, or blow up something, or whatever it is, they will.  The question is how do we get more people not wanting to blow up innocent victims?  Education.  We should be helping other countries grow their economies, educate their children, create communities that each individual country wants and needs based on their religion, their cultural and their own desires.  Not communities, economies and schools that teach what America deems as appropriate. 

What happened a few days ago in London, is something as a New Yorker,  I have been waiting to happen.  It is the world that we live in.  Plain and simple.  It is too bad, yes, but it is what it is.  The day after 9/11, I made my entire family get on the subway and go into Times Square to see a movie.  Why?  Because this is our town and we live in it.  We can not live in a world of fear.  We can not allow terrorism to change the way we live our lives.  That is why I got on the subway again the morning after the London bombings.

My heart goes out to every family that lost love ones.

It is horrible and it shouldn’t happen.  But, we all expected it to.

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  1. Stan

    Many of the 9/11 ringleaders came from educated, well off families.
    Didn’t stop them from orchestrating disaster.

    Although I’m not a huge fan of GWB’s policies, there is a certain moral clarity in his war against terrorism. It’s an understanding that poverty needs to be fought, that education needs to be widespread, that people should be able to choose their leaders – and while these endeavors will be pursued, there are certain actions which are dead wrong and simply will not be tolerated – no grey area when it comes to what those actions are….and no grey response either.

    Lets not forget, India won it’s independence from the British empire by peaceful demonstration – not suicide attacks. If the latter were their method of choice, I would not be surprised if they were still to be an occupied nation today.

  2. jackson

    India was rife with violence prior to their emancipation, stop watching ‘Ghandi’, and read a book dude. ‘Moral Clarity’? What moral clarity are you talking about? Private Englund and comapny? Guantanamo? Stan, you are a fool.