Amagansett Fish Market

FishLucky for me, I get to spend the last few weeks of summer out in Amagansett, Long Island.  It is a beautiful place to be.  The beaches are incredible, the sunsets are beautiful and the fresh local food is abundant.  The downside is the traffic.  I am not the only person out here, drag.

One of my all time favorite shops out here is the Fish Market.  That’s all it says, Fish Market.  There are many fish stores out this way.  You can go to Stewarts in Amagansett where it smells like fish.  Fish stores shouldn’t smell like fish.  That is a bad sign.  Butchers don’t smell like raw beef do they?  There is also Citarella but what is the point when the local places are getting fish off the boats. 

Mike is the owner of the Fish Market.  I actually call the place Mike’s.  He is a charming Irishman who spends his summers here and his winters in Costa Rica.  The staff is friendly and very mellow.  His fish is always fresh.  He also makes some excellent salads.  I admit that I am addicted to the tuna fish salad.  Fresh tuna probably poached and mashed with red onions and it has a kick too.  I don’t think there is mayo in there either.  It is a constant in our fridge.  His Lobster salad is also quite good.  Shrimp salad with onions and dill is also a winner.  He is also long on Japanese type salads.  The Wijiki salad which is loaded with lotus root is a big favorite in our house.  Another favorite is the crab and artichoke dip.  We spread it over sliced loaves of French bread they sell with a few sliced tomatoes and broil it in the oven for a few minutes for appetizers.  It is top!

Mike will also put together for you a lobster dinner.  I have the pot and can do it at home but why clean another pot when you don’t have to.  Call Mike up, tell him the size and time and it’s hot and ready to go with ample butter and anything else you want on the side.  The lobsters are always cooked to perfection.

Am I raving?  It is a great local spot.  Mike is great guy.  I look forward to seeing him and chatting every single summer.  So, if you happen to be on the East end of Long Island, make sure you stop by and pick up some goodies.