BLT Fish

BLTFish was definitely on my summer list.  I made it.  Nothing like better late than never. 

They were very clever in the space.  The downstairs is a total bar scene.  The middle floor is a really beautiful space for private dinners, parties etc., and the top floor is a beautiful dining space.  They have learned from the success of Danny Meyer.  Create a bar where many people can eat but the backbone is the upscale dining space.  Smart guy.  Too bad he doesn’t get a commission on all the restaurants that have capitalized on his idea. 

How is the food?  Well, it is good but not great.  BLT Fish (there is also BLT Steak and BLT Prime) has done a fantastic job in creating a place that people want to congregate.  Unfortunately I did not dine upstairs because I stopped in after a movie.  I ate at the downscale version, in the bar downstairs.  I love a good bar.

We had 3 specials and a dozen Kumuato Oysters (our favorite).  The 3 specials we had were good but not omigod.  After the oysters we have the special salad.  Sliced peaches with chunks of feta cheese, caramelized walnuts and watercress.  The peaches were on the mealy side.  The feta wasn’t that tasty.  The salad would have been much better with less watercress and more peaches and feta.  Unfortunately that doesn’t work on what they charge for the salad.  Good but not great. 

The main course specials we split too.  We had the Maryland Crabs, already cut for easy eating.  I spent a huge part of growing up in Maryland which strikes me as funny knowing who I am now.  Strange place that part of the world.  Regardless, I spent a huge amount of time eating crabs coated with Old Bay seasoning.   Lots of effort for very little food.  You end up very drunk because the food intake is minimal.  They did a good job at BLT Fish but not a great one.  Very little seasoning although the taste of crab certainly brought me home.  The  other main course was 4 scallops on a skewer with tons of butter.  Rice pilaf and a fennel, shaved Parmesan salad on the side.  The scallops were very fresh and good but again the entire plate was good but not great.  Remember we were at the bar.

My guess is upstairs is much better.  I definitely want to return and check out the menu upstairs.  Perhaps it is me.  I have become ( or maybe I always was ) expecting more than what is offered.  I expect very little from the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park or the Clam Bar in Amagansett so I am always thrilled.  But when you charge the prices you charge for the food that restaurants serve in NYC, I expect more.  Unfortunately, I am generally disappointed. 

But,  I swear, I will return to BLT Fish and check out the upstairs dining.  Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.