Cilantro Pesto

I have been cooking up a storm this past weekend.  Unfortunately I was lame and took no pictures.  One thing I made which was different and good was Cilantro Pesto. 

2 cups of cilantro
1/4 cup walnuts
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Put this all in a Cuisinart and blend.  Sometimes you might find you need a little more olive oil or a little more cheese or even a handful more of walnuts.  Again, to your taste. 

One little hint.  When you put this in the refrigerator, always cover it with olive oil.  That way it will stay in the frig for a few weeks.  Just stir it up before using.  If you put it in without the oil, mold sets in quite soon.

I used this in a very simple summer meal.  Grill corn, take it off the husk.  Mix the corn with halved cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh thyme and some olive oil.  Even amounts so you can make it for 10 or 2.  Serve a piece of fish over the top.  I used Swordfish.  Pour a large dollop of the pesto on top.  Voila.  Simple, easy and good.

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  1. mathicksoc4

    Bought this Cuisinart griddler (grill and panini press) and it’s great – works well, easy to clean –… It’s a great addition to my kitchen. The fact that it is so easy to clean means I actually use it several times a week and don’t have to mess with a full size stove.