Cindy Sheehan Update

I posted about Cindy Sheehan a few days ago.  She is the woman who lost her son in the Iraq war and is now camped out in Crawford in front of Bush’s home.  Bush must be bummed since he just held a press conference about why we must not pull out of Iraq.  Conference during his vacation…can you imagine? 

Well the update on Cindy Sheehan is she is not the only person there now.  There are about 50 people and growing.  All I can say is, you go girl!  Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of this mislead war on terrorism.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Stan

    Dont feed us that BS. We now know there were no WMDs in Iraq, but tell me, what would you have done if you were the President.
    What would you have done if 3000 of your citizens had been killed, in about 1 1/2 hrs and you realized you are living in a different world than you imagined and, now, your CIA director is telling you it’s a “slam dunk” that there are WMD’s in Iraq. You know Iraq is not a “friendly” country, and you know if there are WMDs they can easily get into the wrong hands and the people of your country are the prime target….what would you do?
    If in fact that happened and we were attacked again, people would be trying to rip the Prez a new one.

    He had no choice but to act the way he did. It turned out to be wrong, there were no WMDs in Iraq. But given the information he had, this was the only way to act.

    Now as for his handling of the war in Iraq – that is another story – poorly executed. Rumsfeld is more likely to blame for that however, and he should have been made to resign.

  2. Stan

    Please, I’ve read it.
    It provides little insight into the situation at the time. They key facts from the memo were that without the real threat of military action, Saddam wouldn’t let weapons inspectors back in.

    Well, this is just about as real as it gets.
    It also mentions that there are other countries that had more advanced WMD programs, such as Libya.
    Lets just say Libya began to sing a different tune pretty fast after they saw what happened in Iraq.
    North Korea and Iran are worried of the same.

    I did not vote for Bush in either of the elections for various reasons, but I feel his “war on terror” may not be as distraught as certain people suggest.

  3. jkas

    fair enough. Personally I think this closes the argument that this was never about WMD in the first place, but I can respect your opinion on it.