29mMurderball is a documentary on the lives of quadriplegic rugby players who go all the way to the Olympics.  The movie isn’t long, only an hour an 20 minutes.  You got to know the people, what happened to them, and why they came to play rugby in a wheelchair that was originally called Murderball. 

Not only was the film an interesting glimpse into the life of a quadriplegic but their gusto for life was truly invigorating.  Here is a bunch of people who have had tragic incidents play out in their lives but they have managed to take what has been their lot and make the best of it.  Of course there are probably plenty of people in the same situation that can’t get to that place.  I’m not sure I could. 

People were in drunk accidents, biking accidents, random things that happened to them as a kid like a virus, polio, etc.  One of the things that really stayed with me after the film was the last part of the movie.  The players of the Olympic team are helping kids that have come back from the Iraq War try to see what they can still be capable of.  There was one young kid, such a young kid, who looked scared out of his mind.  My heart ached for him.  But the positive outlook that these quadriplegic Olympians can give these shell shocked kids could make all the difference in the world.