Orange Swordfish

RedswordfishWe were intrigued by the orange Swordfish and went with it for dinner.  Supposedly they only see it about once a summer off the shores of Montauk.  This variety of Swordfish only eats shrimp and calamari.  So we were told. 

Taste wise it was much richer than Swordfish.  Also kind of mealy vs. the firmness of Swordfish. 

Worth the experience.  The color is pretty awesome. 

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  1. Adam

    It is sad that you are aware of the rareness of this animal and thus choose to eat it. I’m not a vegetarian or crazy animal rights activist, but there are certain precautions that I feel should be taken when choosing what to eat these days and the impact that decision will have. Swordfish are among the first fish to be flagged as severely overfished (esp Atlantic) and populations are so low they are continuing the massive decline of populations that are developed enough to reproduce. In other words, we are starting to eat teenage swordfish and younger.

    Naturally the coloration of that fish would be cause by the diet you suggested. Similar to salmon. Note: farmed salmon are artificially died to reproduce that color. Also, to feed farmed salmon it takes 7 lbs of other fish, fed in the form of pellets, to produce 1 lb of farmed salmon. Not all that efficient for conservation.

    I enjoy your blog though. As an avid cook it’s nice to see someone having fun with cooking for her family. Sitting down to eat is enormously important for families.