Penzey’s One

Onemag2_1There are more new magazines launching and unfortunately the majority of them won’t make it.  I have yet to find a new one that is good and I am still going with that theme after receiving the first edition of Penzey’s One in the mail last week. 

I have been shopping for spices at Penzeys for at least 7 years.  It is fantastic.  The prices are great and the product is top.  Unfortunately the magazine is awful. 

Penzeys catalog always had a few recipes in it.  I gather they have decided to expand on that.  The magazine has pictures of god awful food.  The stories are about Christian loving people who are sharing their joyous recipes.  I felt like I was reading a piece put out by the local Church and the parishioners were sharing their lasagna recipes.  Maybe there is an audience for this terrible publication out there but if I were Penzey’s, I would stick to the spice business.