Prune  is a small restaurant in the East village that is conveniently located near the Sunshine Cinemas on Houston Street.  If you can get a reservation, you have a perfect night going.  Movie and dinner.  But Prune is not so easy to get into.

Prune seats about 24 people.  The place is always packed.  You feel as if you have walked into a small European cafe.  The menu is always changing based on what is in season.  This was our third time at Prune.

True home cooking.  The key though is the appetizers and bar food.  Next time, I’m sticking to tastings.  We opted for 2 appetizers and 2 dinners this time.  Not that the food wasn’t good but I think we could have done better.  We had a shaved celery, shaved artichoke and Parmesan salad which was crisp and flavorful.  We also had the whole shrimps which were doused in butter.  How could it not taste good?  Butter is used quite a bunch so prepare your arteries. 

Our 2 main courses were the lamb chops and Greek salad, and then suckling pig.  Good but not stellar.  I have heard the brunch there is fantastic.  Unfortunately I am out of the brunch loop.  It was something we did plenty of before we had kids.  Wake up late, stroll over for brunch, have a few bloody marys, eat really good food and then go home, read the NY Times and take a little nap.  I really liked that ritual.  It is certainly a ritual we will return to at one point of our lives.  I hope Prune stays open that long.