Vicki’s Veggies

VickisOn the Eastern End of Long Island, local vegetable stands are abundant.  The favorite is generally the one that is within the closest vicinity of your home.  We are fans of Vicki’s Veggies.  Behind this beautiful stand are homes (where they live), farm land planted up and a wonderful herb garden that is free pickings for the customers. 

I figure Vicki’s provides for the majority of Amagansett.  It is a good local watering hole right on Route 27. 

If you are looking for Vicki, it would be the only person behind the counter that isn’t wearing the t-shirt that say "I am not Vicki".  The veggie stand was started by her mother when Vicki was just a young one.  Now Vicki and her mom run the place.  Mom makes the jellies for sale.  Vicki chit chats.  Mom loves to cook, Vicki doesn’t know how to boil water.  Weather is a favorite topic. 

Vicki’s opens by 7am and closes at dusk.  I believe they are also open from April – October. 

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  1. jackson

    Vickie knows enough to suggest some basil with your tomatoes.