911Today was the 4th Anniversary of the bombings of the World Trade Center.  The day was as beautiful as it was 4 years ago.  Crystal clear skies, perfect temperature, low humidity, a perfect New York day. 

We walked through Washington Square Park where you can see the empty sky, which was one full, through the arch.  Our glorious Governor Pataki has been beyond lame in executing the construction of a new building.  Part of the healing process would be having a new building in the place of a sunken pit which still remains. 

The September Concert was being played.  Something that began as a way to express the grief over the bombings.  Lots of people from our kids school played.  It was wonderful to walk through the park and listen to the music and reflect about what had happened to our city on the actual day 9/11/2001.  I can bring up those memories of the days events and how they unfolded for me, and my family, as if it happened yesterday.  As always, the tears come to my eyes within seconds.