Abducted Child?

Child_abducWe are driving back from Amagansett on 495, the wonderful LIE, and on the electronic signs that generally give you traffic information, the following is written….Child Abduction, Tune to Local Radio.

From literally exit 68 to exit 23 the following was in bold print.  How weird?  What were we supposed to do? Is there a purpose behind that?  I wasn’t sure.  If anybody has any information, please share. 

I found the whole thing frightening, strange and eerie at the same time.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Christy

    Well, if it’s a typical Amber alert, you tune into the radio station it tells you to tune into and you get information about the car, abductor, abductee, etc., then you call 911 if you see a vehicle that looks like it might match the car’s description, along with your location relative to exits, landmarks, etc.

  2. Stacy

    Yes, like Christy says. It is a way to help save an abducted child before they get too far away. Alerts come on the radio, tv, and in some locations, those signs like you witnessed. They give a description of the child, and abductor if they can. This kind of stuff was used in Idaho recently (a few months ago for the case of the murder and abudction that made national news) and is frequently attributed to the safe return of children.

    Its named Amber Alert after the adbudcted child whose parents pushed for the law to be put in place.