An Exercise Pill?

I made a conscious decision to stop exercising the past 3 weeks.  It was glorious.  More time to do other things.  No worries about where and when I would get in my exercise that day.  Loved it. 

Today I went back to the grind.  I only went back to it for good health and vanity. Frankly, I look better when I exercise.  Truth is, I feel better too.  I can also eat more which is an added bonus.

After an hour of an intense yoga class I thought I was going to throw up, literally.  I decided to take a break and end the class early and cut out 15 minutes before it ended.  All I could think about was how nauseous I felt.  Oh well. 

I admit that if there was a pill that made me feel as good exercise makes me feel, I’m buy the pills in bulk.  Anyone know of a good pill out there?

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  1. jk

    I feel your pain. I am currently on a forced rest (knee inflammation from a bike crash) and this is very hard for me. With the body I got traing for the escape from alcatraz tri this year, it has been really hard to keep still and *not work out*. I have eyed the shelves but diet pills dont really fall in safe moral territory for me. However, the occasional green tea and maybe some of this supplement may. Not sure, but I may check it out: As soon as I can, though, I will be running again…more for my sanity than for my figure. And there are no legal pills for those feel good feelings. Take care!