An Exercise Pill?

I made a conscious decision to stop exercising the past 3 weeks.  It was glorious.  More time to do other things.  No worries about where and when I would get in my exercise that day.  Loved it. 

Today I went back to the grind.  I only went back to it for good health and vanity. Frankly, I look better when I exercise.  Truth is, I feel better too.  I can also eat more which is an added bonus.

After an hour of an intense yoga class I thought I was going to throw up, literally.  I decided to take a break and end the class early and cut out 15 minutes before it ended.  All I could think about was how nauseous I felt.  Oh well. 

I admit that if there was a pill that made me feel as good exercise makes me feel, I’m buy the pills in bulk.  Anyone know of a good pill out there?