Emerge on Bleeker

EmergeI wrote about the young designers market on Mulberry street at the end of Spring.  The concept was so good that they took it to another level and location.  The one on Mulberry still exists but there is another one on Bleeker between Broadway and Lafayette.  It is called Emerge

Great space.  Each designer has their own booth.  In the middle there are jewelry cases for the designers too.  The prices are right.  Most pieces are one of a kinds.  Some of funkier than others.  There is jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, shirts, sweaters, etc.  Jessica, Emily and I had a heyday. 

The place sort of reminded of us of Fred Segal in Santa Monica, because each area was owned by a separate person.  But here you don’t see the goods anywhere else which we really liked.  Individuality..right? 

We will be returning I am sure, again and again and again…

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  1. LJ

    Hey there — I’m dying to check this one out after having already hit up the one on Mulberry, but can’t seem to find the details on hours… do you happen to know?