Hard Times Ahead

The New York Times blasted George Bush in the editorial section today, 3 in a row actually.  The first heading was "Waiting for a Leader", the second was "Life in the bottom 80 Percent" and the third being "Banished Whistle Blowers".  Scathing is an understatement. 

My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi.  New Orleans will never be the same.  What will happen over the next few weeks will be beyond the scope of our imaginations, certainly George Bush’s.  I hate to be negative in a time of crisis, but how could the Federal Government not fund keeping the levees stable?  How could that not be a priority?  The Federal Government should get sued over this.  How else can we insure that the Government will do the fiscally correct thing in the future.

Our home states are in need of the National Guard and resources which are not available because this Administration has put us in war that we didn’t need to be in the first place.  950 people were crushed in Iraq yesterday.  Doesn’t appear like it is getting better.  The constitution in Iraq isn’t exactly going full steam ahead either.  Why are we there exactly?   Oh yes, because there were weapons of mass destruction and that couldn’t be worked out without war. 

The price of gas is going through the roof.  The economy is in a shambles. Money is not going back into the hands of the working people (only the top 20%). How are people going to warm their homes this winter?  How are people going to afford to get back and forth to work by car?  What is going to happen?  Will there be a huge recession?  What is going to happen to all the people that bought into the housing explosion and purchased homes with no money down and their interest rates start going through the roof?  Do they just walk away?  Do banks go under? 

George Bush has told us that everything is going to be OK.   The marketing ploys of his administration aren’t going to work when realities are hitting everyone in the face.  We have 3 more years of this.  Even Bolton is attempting to get the UN to do it the USA way.  Yikes.  Africa is in shortage of funding the anti-Aids program with condoms because this Administration is not sending the supplies needed because it is against their principles.  Plan B is not going to be approved because you shouldn’t be able to stop yourself the morning after from getting pregnant and if they have it their way you won’t be able to have an abortion either.  After all, sex is only made for procreation…right?  I could continue but my blood is beginning to boil.

More people than less knew that George Bush’s policies were going to create havoc.  I say more people because it is obvious now through outside agencies that Al Gore should have won Florida.  Yet, are there any feelings of "told you so". . No, we are all just going to have to pay the consequences. 

The New York Times hit the nail in the head,  where is the leadership?

On a positive note, our country has been built on Democracy and Capitalism.  As gas prices go through the roof, innovators will start new businesses for alternative energies.  New housing areas that are more affordable will be built.  The people will push for legislation to curb global warming.  People will want cars that are fuel efficient.  People will force us to get out of Iraq now, peacefully.  We are and have always been a Government for the People.  The people of this country will stand up and push for the changes and create the new businesses which will create new economies.  We will barely withstand 8 years of this Administration but in the end, this country will continue to reinvent, regrow and move forward.   Thank god.