How Disrespectful

George Bush is working very hard on getting his polls back up.  He is making a variety of promises.  Is New Orleans going to become a testing ground for the Bush Agenda?  Private schools, private Government fixed by Haliburton (their favorite company previously run by Dick Cheney).  God knows how much money is going to go down the drain.  Sort of like the Federal Government today.  Tons of money spent the past 6 years on National Security and we have none.  Hmmm.  Where did it all go? 

Let’s take a look at Iraq.  What is truly happening in Iraq?  This week 150 people were blown up in broad daylight on the streets of Baghdad.  George is doing a helluva a job.  Maybe the guy needs therapy to understand why he has closure issues. 

The picture of George Bush stepping off the plane to shake the Governor of Louisiana’s hand before his speech left me speechless.  He was dressed like he was about to go on a hike.  Big clunky boots, old khaki pants and a rolled up shirt.  How disrespectful.  Here is the leader of our country.  He is coming to Louisiana to speak to our country about how he is going to lead our Nation past this disaster.  Shouldn’t he be wearing a suit?  Creating an image of leadership?  God, we wish we had a Parliamentary system. 

I, for one, thought his appearance disrespectful.

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  1. Abby

    My head is going to explode.

    I think the goal was to look as though he was planning to work. It’s totally fake, but what do you expect? He’s always been a phony.

    Did you know that they turned the lights on in downtown NO before the speech and then cut the the electricity after the POTUS left?

    When you vote for Bloomberg, just remember that he raised more than $7 million for W.

    And don’t forget that the week of the hurricane, nearly 1,000 people died in a stampede in Iraq.

  2. Kevin Walsh

    I suspect the only thing GWB can possibly do to satisfy you would be to resign. Then what?

    You’d have Cheney.