James Frey

Frey_cover_1I am a voracious reader.  Magazines, books, newspapers, etc.  Rarely do I come across a book that I can’t put down.  Rarely do I come across a book that when I am finished I run out and buy the second one.  I did that with James Freys books, A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard

First of all the writing is excellent.  Fluid and simple.  The story is jaw dropping.  Both books are the story of his life.  At 23 years old he finds himself on a plane, not knowing how he got there or where he is going.  He has a hole through his cheek and 4 front teeth missing and in need of a drink.  He has no choice but to go to rehab and never touch drugs or alcohol again or die.  Simple decision, not really. 

A Million Little Pieces takes you through his life in rehab.  My Friend Leonard is life after rehab.  How do you enter the real world after being a drug addict, a criminal and an alcoholic.  Not that easy. 

I applaud his strength and courage.  I would gather if he gets through every day sober, it is a good day.  He has seen the bottom of hell.  It is an incredible book and I highly recommend reading both.  They are books that will stay with me for a very long time. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Brad Feld

    I completely agree – both of the books are amazing, Frey’s story is incredible, and his comeback is awe-inspiring.

  2. Mary C Jaye

    I would like to tell James Frey that I think what is going on right now with the people trying to bring him down is terrible. I am now 23 years old. I have been a terrible addict my whole life. I was hospitalized just as he was. I related to him so much. I am now clean and sober and about to start college for the first time. My point is, A Million Little Pieces changed my life in sorts. It helped me realize that I am not alone. It does not matter! His point is that he was an addict, he got help, and it can be done! Not every little detail needs to be scrutinized. He is an has helped alot of people Im sure. And I hope that he continues to help people with his story. What I enjoyed most about this book is the way it is written, in such a way that I, a person that is not so fond of books, could not put it down. So all I have to say is, Keep on keepin on James. I think you just got alot more publicity from all of this. You are a great person. Thanks Mary

  3. anonymous

    i also loved the book. and now my life is fueled by this controversy. i LOVE it too. ive been watching larry king, anderson cooper, oprah and it is all just too exciting. sometimes i blurt out at the television when i dont like someone, or i say that they are right. in any case this is really itneresting and james frey is a genius not only for the book but for being able to create for himself so much publicity.

    because all in all its just publicity in the end.