Of course every parent is impressed with their child.  There isn’t a new parent who hasn’t told me when there kid is around 2 – 4 how they are really smart and very articulate, etc.  Are they trying to tell me that there kid is gifted?  It never fails to give me a little chuckle inside.  Of course the kid is smart, you are smart but gifted?  Hmmm.  Well that remains to be seen.  But, hey, let them dream.  That is part of being a parent. 

My kids are entering the next phase.  They are 9, 12 and 14.  I am constantly impressed with their insight and knowledge as I should be.  But this evening I was reading through Josh’s writers notebook and was truly impressed by the poem that he had glued in the front cover when you open on the book on the left hand side.

He said he was influenced by his teachers on how they (the kids in the class) should each construct a poem about themselves.  He wrote and edited this piece.  I think it is fantastic and want to share with the world what a great kid he is because I am the proud parent.  Here is his poem.

I am from littered streets.
And the place that never sleeps.
I am from ping pong to foosball.
I am from all my friends.
I am from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen.
I am from sleepovers to school.
I am from Math to Spanish.
I am from Basketball to Football.
I am from Christmas to Chanukah
I am from Manhattan.

Come on readers…how great is that? I’d say, pretty impressive for a 4th grade boy. 

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  1. Lorraine

    What an excellent poem- I stopped writing poetry years ago, but reading that, from a 4th grade boy, is truly inspiring. Thanks!