Kitchen Confidential

One of our best friends runs the TV division of New Line Cinema.  New Line never really had a TV division but I can tell you that they do now. 

We went to the opening party for Kitchen Confidential on Saturday night.  Personally I truly do not watch TV except for a few favorites on HBO but I did see the first show of Kitchen Confidential.  It is really good.  Funny, clever, reality sitcom.  I’d actually put money on the success of this show. 

10419_1It is based on the book by Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential.  The rights were bought.  Darren Star liked the concept and got involved.  His successes has been huge.  Beverly Hills 90210, Sex and the City
to name a few. 

Just a side note on Darren.  He not only went to my High School (we grew up in Potomac, MD), we were in the same graduating class and actually knew each other.  So, seeing him last night was pretty hilarious.  It is an amazing thing how when you see someone from a time in your life, you can return immediately to where you were last time you saw each other.  Never fails to happen.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out Kitchen Confidential.  The first show is Monday, September 19th, 8:30 on Fox.