Pig Roast

I have been an absent blogger the past few weeks but will resume again once school begins.  Yet this past event couldn’t be missed.  We had a pig roast. 

I have wanted to buy the pig roast box since I saw it a few years ago.  It is incredibly cool.  You can roast an entire pig in 3 hours and 40 minutes.  You can use the box for other things too.  Brisket, lamb, ribs, turkey, duck etc.   When I was in High School my boyfriends parents had a huge pig roast at their house.  It made an impression on me and felt it was time I tried it myself.

This was a total group effort.  I ordered a 25 lb. pig from the local butcher.  I asked them to split it down the belly.  Unfortunately they didn’t do it all the way and I forgot about the head.  That undertaking was not part of the group effort.  I had to cut off the head and split the pig but it didn’t faze me.  Knife in hand and mission accomplished. 

Pig1The pig is locked into a metal grate and injected with a water/salt solution.  You can then put the pig inside the box and cover with charcoals, 16 lbs of charcoals.  No seasoning, just the injection.  On the left is the picture of the pig ready to go into the box. 

You continue to put charcoals on the top of the box every hour.  9 lbs. an hour.  I believe in total we went through 47 lbs. of charcoal.  The complete directions come with the box.

Pig3 After the pig has been roasted for 3 hours, you flip it over, score the skin every couple of inches and put back in the box.   We added new charcoal to the top of the box and relit.  Then we basically checked on the big every 20 minutes to make sure we didn’t fry the skin. 

Pig4You can literally peel the meat off the bones when it is done.  Which is exactly what we did.  Put that on a huge platter and poured barbecue sauce over it.  Unbelievable!

Fred got really into the whole thing.  It was fun and we are definitely doing this again.  Take a look at the last picture below, it was what it looked like after we completed the meal.  Pig5

Comments (Archived):

  1. pantrygirl

    Looks delicious.

    Can I ask you where in the world do you store a pig roasting box in an apartment in NYC?

    I’ve got a hard enough time trying to store my giant fryer.

  2. Katana

    How can you eat something once you’ve seen its face, much less cut it’s head off?…No, that is not delicious looking.

  3. Katana

    How can you eat something once you’ve seen its face, much less cut it’s head off?…No, that is not delicious looking.

  4. shay nanna

    I think it was a great article, and helped me decide if I wanted to get one of these for my 40th birthday. Looks awesome. And for those that are too narrow minded to enjoy the fruits of labor, go back to Mcdonalds and have a burger with sugar and salts. Thanks Gotham Girl…Im ordering one.

    Big Country Oregon