Pouring Rain

Since we didn’t make it to Texas, we did make it to an annual event put on by the Washington Square Park Council.  Washington Square Park is about to undergo a tremendous renovation and the council has raised private money to combine with the public funds.  In the end, this council will provide the endowment that will make sure that the parks transformation will be kept up.  It is all a good thing.  Fred’s partner, Brad is very involved with this. 

Washington Square Park happens to be the most used park in the city second to Central Park.  Pretty amazing statistic.  So, needless to say, the community discussions about the how the park will undergo change has been quite a challenge to Adrian Benepe, the Parks Commissioner.  But, it appears as though they are moving forward positively. 

The one event I really wanted to go to last night was to support our friends efforts at The League for the Hard of Hearing.  In the past there has been comedy shows to raise funds and this year it was all about food.  More importantly, the League’s commitment to loss of hearing, deaf and deaf-blind – adults and children – is fantastic.  They are one of a kind and have not been giving the funding or attention that they need.  I am actually sending them cash today and I urge people to look at the website.

FeetWhen we left the Washington Square Park event last night it was pouring.  Fred and I were donning new shoes and we both opted to take them off and walk barefoot home.  Sounds gross in NYC but we weren’t far from home and the rain was coming down pretty hard.  I took a picture of our feet.