Rilo Kiley and Coldplay

We came back to town on Monday night.  We were all hankering to return to an urban world.  We celebrated our return seeing Rilo Kiley and Coldplay at Madison Square Garden last night.  Nice kick off to the fall season. 

RiloI had Rilo Kiley on heavy rotation for quite awhile a few months ago.  They really rock.  The lead singer, Julie, is one talented girl.  Her voice is great and she plays keyboards, harmonica, guitar, and a helluva tambourine.  I’m really glad that they opened for Coldplay. 

Coldplay was fantastic.  I haven’t seen the Garden that packed since U2  played 3 years ago.  Knowing theColdplay 3 albums that Coldplay has put out over the years helped.  We took the whole gang.  The kids were loving it.  The light show was really good.  Clever and different for each song.  At one point the band scaled down with acoustic instruments and played a Johnny Cash song.  The audience loved it.  I loved it. 

Yellow_balloonsOne of my favorite moments is when they dropped the yellow balloons from the ceiling during the song Yellow.