Scott vs. Charmin

Just a little tidbit.  We were having major clog toilet issues.  The plumber told me that we should bag Charmin and move to Scott.  Really?  I swear.

We did a little test.  Put Charmin in the water and it literally absorbs the water and inflates.  Scott disappears.  Granted Charmin is soft and thick but clogged toilets is a major drag.

Last time we had run out of Scott and went with the Charmin.  Big mistake.  It took me about 45 minutes, many buckets of steaming hot water and lots of plunging to get the toilet moving again. 

Charmin is out and Scott is in.  Who would have known?

Comments (Archived):

  1. Meg

    I grew up as a Charmin girl and switched to Quilted Northern sometime during college. Now when I visit my parents who still use Charmin, I really don’t like it. It seems very “linty” to me. So, you might enjoy the Scott better in the long run and it will help the clogging!

  2. Ben Neumann

    Finally a gal who’s not shy talking about the place where meditation meets workout. Way to go!

  3. Rick

    Scott is Kimberly Clark – a good, wholesome Midwestern (Wisconsin!) company.

    Charmin is P&G – the evil empire who plans to destroy all other brands and then raise prices on us all!

    We, in the badger-state, are glad you made the correct decision to go with Scott!

    May your toilet give you no more troubles.

  4. ellen

    DO NOT PUT BOILING WATER DOWN THE TOILET. You will eventually break the porcelain bowl, and it isn’t great for caste iron pipes either. My Dad had a snake-like thing that cranked with a hook on the end. It is the only thing that really works.

    We can thank the older Bush for our clogs. The 1.6 gallon flush toliets don’t have enough push like the old 3.6 had. I recommend Toto from now on. The Kohler’s are always breaking. The only thing good about them are their high fashion colors. I have the nicest colors, black, blush etc. but they are always breaking. Same thing with those darn Jado faucets. They are called “bathroom jewelry” because they should be admired but never used.

  5. Jeremy

    I have to agree with Ellen on pretty much all points. My wife ran across this blog after cloggin’ our toilet with… you guessed it… Charmin TP! So we’ll give Scott TP a try. But I totally recommend the Toto’s above anything else as well. My in-laws have Toto’s now, and I’ve never clogged one yet. This coming from a guy who gorges himself on his mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving dinner, and who has even clogged an American Standard toilet in the Denver airport one time. (It was one of those power-flush types too that doesn’t adhere to the 1.6gpf rule and practically blows the poop apart when it shoots the water out.) We were going to get Toto’s in our new build house, but that deal fell through, and so now we’re quite simply dying to save up enough money to replace the clunkers in the used house we bought.

    Thanks for the Scott TP tip though!